Becoming a Studmaster

Becoming a Studmaster

It's not all about the brooodmare! Quality and varied bloodlined stallions are equally important and Victoria has more sires than any other state. If this side of the business appeals to you, there are several ways to get involved - register as a studmaster and purchase or lease a stallion outright (on your own or as part of a group), or on commission for a stallion owner, or alternatively take a share in a stallion that does or is to stand at an established stud.


Registering as a Studmaster

To register a stallion for the Stud Book, you must first register as a Studmaster. Contact Harness Racing Victoria for information and forms for Studmaster and Stallion Registration. At a minimum, you will need to list the physical location of the stallion, which veterinarian you use, and which service options you offer (in-hand/paddock/natural service, chilled semen, frozen semen etc).

A fee also applies to register a stallion, variable on the date of registration (pre- or post-September 30).

Fundamentally, standing a sire is a business and needs to be treated as such - you should have a business plan, including a supplier structure (for semen transport) and marketing strategy, in place before you commence and seek advise in matters of finance and law. Again, discussing your plan with a current or former studmaster, is a good place to start your planning.


Established Studs

If you are interested in acquiring a stallion, or a share in a stallion, but don't wish to stand the horse yourself, we recommend contacting a major stud who may have information on upcoming sires to be syndicated or sold.