The IRT Stallion Guide is out now!

Aug 20, 2019 | Harness Breeders Victoria The IRT Stallion Guide is out now!

The 2019 IRT Australasian Standardbred Stallion Guide has been printed and is on it's way to recent breeders and HBV & WASBA members. Copies will be available from state headquarters offices and in Victoria, Melton, Bendigo, Shepparton, Cranbourne, Geelong & Ballarat. Copies can also be sent directly for a fee - refer HERE for details.


There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” – Sir
Winston Churchill

It is an honour to write this foreword for the 2019/20 Australasian Standardbred Stallion
Guide and hopefully provides an introduction to what importantly follows in the guide – a
listing of all the Standardbred stallion choices for Australasian breeders.

Whether over a cup of coffee, late at night lying in bed, at work or on a lazy Sunday morning
the Stallion Guide will be read over and over and over by harness racing fans and breeders
from across Australia and New Zealand who will agonisingly and meticulously compare
stallions, pedigrees, racetrack performances and progeny performance. In their endeavours
to breed the next superstar breeders will consider their own breeding theories, golden
crosses, stallion size and conformation and decipher which stallions, or stallions within their
budget, best match their mare or mares.

Bettor’s Delight, Art Major, Mach Three and Somebeachsomewhere continue to dominate
the stallion premiership tables but with these stallions aging or in some cases no longer with
us, who will emerge as their successors? Will it be one of their sons or will it be a totally
different sire line? The intrigue and challenge to identify successors to these great stallions
is what breeders postulate and spend hours pondering. Remember, when Bettor’s Delight
and Art Major commenced their siring careers they didn’t command the service fees they
now do – there will be stallions now that are more reasonably priced that will emerge and
become the next Bettor’s Delight, Art Major or Somebeachsomewhere.

A number of new colonial bred stallions including Lazarus and Ultimate Machete join the
stallion ranks in 2019/20. Both are sons of Bettor’s Delight, possess some of the best
colonial maternal bloodlines and were outstanding racehorses. When Lazarus was exported
to race in USA he more than matched it with the best horses in North America. It is only a
matter of time before a colonial bred stallion is at the top of the stallion premiership tables.
Will it be Lazarus or Ultimate Machete or will it be a son of Art Major such as Vincent?
Trotting enthusiasts have also been well catered for in the guide with the very best
racehorses and bloodlines from Europe, and America as well as Australia and New Zealand
advertised. The growth of the trotting gait and the availability of the very best trotting
stallions in the world via frozen semen is quite spectacular.

Harness Breeders Vic (HBV) is acutely aware of the cost pressures facing breeders and the
continuing decline in the number of mares bred and foals born annually both in Victoria and
nationally. HBV have been petitioning and working with Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) to
implement initiatives to reverse this trend and stimulate breeding in Victoria. The recent
HRV initiative to provide $1500 breeding certificates ($1000 to the breeder and $500 to the owner) for the winners of 75 Mares and Fillies races for the month of May and June was
very welcomed but much more needs to be done. HBV have been working with HRV on a
number of other major initiatives to stimulate breeding in Victoria and I am optimistic that
there will be some very significant and exciting announcements in coming months regarding

I would like to thank all of the advertisers who have supported the stallion guide. The role of
HBV is to advocate for breeders and to promote and stimulate breeding as well as build a
sense of community within the breeding fraternity. Without the support of advertisers and
your investment the role provided by HBV would not be possible.

Thank you to our Editor, Peter Wharton. Peter has undertaken the editor role for many
years and works tirelessly with our advertisers and our partners at Metro Printing to ensure
the stallion guide reaches you in a timely manner. Thanks also to our Executive Officer,
Desiree Pettit-Keating, who ensured that the administration aspects in producing the guide
have been undertaken in a professional and thorough manner. Thanks also to my
committee who have provided feedback, advice and been involved with sub-committee
meetings in producing the guide.

The wonderful sport of harness racing depends on you the breeder, making choices and
breeding the next superstar and in ensuring we have a sustainable racing population.
In keeping with the famous Walt Disney quote “ All our dreams can come true if we have
the courage to pursue them
” - so pursue your dream, study the stallion guide, select a
stallion or stallions and breed the next Tiger Tara, Centenario, Poster Boy, Jilliby Nitro,
Tornado Valley or Dance Craze

Terry Lewis
President - Harness Breeders (Vic)