IAHP February Bonus Breeders of the Month

Dec 15, 2020 | Harness Breeders Victoria IAHP February Bonus Breeders of the Month

Congratulations to our February Vicbred Bonus Breeders, thanks to International Animal Health Products!

Last season, Harness Breeders Victoria elected to acknowledge the efforts of breeders at all levels of racing and are pleased to recognise the following breeders who bred the most number of horses collect a Vicbred First Win Bonus:



If you're looking for Australian made health and feed products for your stable, look no further than International Animal Health Products. To discuss your specific needs, contact Victoria & Tasmania sales representative, Corinna Slade, today on 0437 945 303 or cslade@iahp.com.au and visit International Animal Health for their full range.



More about International Animal Health:

International Animal Health (IAH) manufactures and markets a range of nutritional and animal health products. Products are manufactured at our Huntingwood plant in Western Sydney, operating under a licence of Good Manufacturing Practice issued by the APVMA.

IAH is highly regarded for its innovative research and development with the latest breakthrough products being BioWorma and Livamol with BioWorma.

The IAH has an extensive range which includes:

Probiotics: Protexin, multi-strain probiotic
Biological control: BioWorma and Livamol with BioWorma
Non medicated anti-scouring: D-Scour
Livamol range: Livamol including Feed Optimiser pellets and Grooming range
Wormers: MecWorma & Bot, MecWorma & Tape, Worma paste and Worma

Drench for horses & cattle along with Ausmectin for Sheep and Cattle

Veterinary only products: Trimidine, Butin, Bromotrimidine powder and paste, Koagulon Injection & Syrup, Sodide and Cue Injection
First Aid: Buffered Iodine, Tite Liniment, Wound Klense and Flint’s Medicated Oil
Nutritional supplements: Vitam, Calciplex, Min-a-Vit, Snow-E, Bio-Hoof, Manomix and Sootha
Rehydration & Electrolytes: Horsport and Electromix
Diuretics: Neutra-Syrup, KA Cleans & Flushes
Iron supplement: Ironvita