Humbletonian is on for 2020!

Sep 24, 2020 | Harness Breeders Victoria Humbletonian is on for 2020!

It's one of our favourite events on the calendar - Humbletonian Day at Maryborough, where a full card of maiden races is on offer for horses to claim their Vicbred First Win Bonus!


While a little late this year due to the change to the racing calendar, thanks to the support of Harness Racing Victoria, this year's races will all carry a purse of $10,000, plus  Vicbred First Win Bonus AND the 10% Vicbred Foal Nominator Bonus for age-restricted races.


The day has traditionally been designed as a 'last throw at the stumps' for maiden horses to claim their Vicbred First Win Bonus, but with the Vicbred program very cramped in November and December, October is the only opportunity for the card this year. As always, the race conditions for all races stipulate a bottom-up ballot - that is, the horses with the most amount of starts will be the first to get a start in the field.


As an extra sweetener, Harness Racing Victoria will provide a $1,000 breeding certificate to the winning breeders, Harness Breeders Victoria are proud to sponsor a $250 cash bonus for the breeders of every winner on the day as well as $250 on pacing races from the Maryborough Harness Racing Club, who will also suppy a framed winning photo to connections. The Victorian Square Trotters Association (VSTA) as always are coming forward to support the trotting races, with a $250 cash bonus for the breeders, and a trophy for connections of of the trotting program winners.


We look forward to bringing you all the excitement from Maryborough via our social media streams and The Barn on Monday 12 October 2020. More info on a raft of new Vicbred dollars on offer can be found here on HRV's website.


Take a look at last year's album of winners and presentations HERE.


Information about the Harness Breeders Victoria cash bonus:

* Winning breeders do not need to be a HBV member to be awarded the cash bonus

* Information packs noting how to collect the bonus will be mailed, and follow up email or phone calls will be made to the first-named breeder of all winners to details as per HBV's database (for members) or HRV's database (for non-members); please ensure your details are up-to-date

* Any bonus not claimed before 18 April 2021 (inclusive) becomes void