HBV September Committee Meeting Summary

Sep 11, 2018 | Harness Breeders Victoria HBV September Committee Meeting Summary

A Harness Breeders Victoria General Meeting was held at Ballarat & District Trotting Club on Sunday 9 September:

Attendance – Terry Lewis (President), Brett Coffey (Secretary), Les Joslin, Dr Tony Britt, Elizabeth MacLean, John Campbell, Nick Hooper

Apologies –  Adam Wilkinson, Shannon Nixon (Vice President), Paul Dobson (Treasurer), Ashley Haynes, Jonathan McNeill, Desiree Pettit-Keating (Executive Officer)

Summary of agenda items addressed:

  1. Committee Business (attendance, apologies, previous minutes, correspondence, Executive reports)
  2. Summary of the latest Harness Racing Advisory Council meeting (Terry Lewis)
    1. Paper presented: Projected foal numbers
    2. Paper presented: Follow A Foal project
    3. Paper presented: Trotting mares programming
  3. Humbletonian 2018 – discussion of the success of the execution of the sponsorship and format of the day overall
  4. Position descriptions and contracts for Executive Officer & Editor to be reviewed
  5. Discussion on revised and reissued ASBA breeding summit proposal
  6. Follow up on trotting mare programming actions from previous meeting (actioned by HRV)
  7. Reference to the paper provided to HRV in response to their call for feedback on the future structure of APTS
  8. Discussion on Trackbred and ideas to improve profitability
  9. Review of correspondence received – Angelique Club seeking Pearl Kelly nominations
  10. Discussion on breeding syndicates (feedback for HRV)
  11. Discussion on breeding certificates within bonus structures (feedback for HRV)
  12. Informal request for sponsorship – Boort Cup day 2019
  13. Reminder to committee to support Follow A Foal with launch imminent
  14. Discussion on Awards program and criteria detail


Next meeting date:

Sunday 2 December 2018 at Tabcorp Park Melton