HBV May Committee Meeting Summary

Jun 12, 2020 | Harness Breeders Victoria HBV May Committee Meeting Summary

Harness Breeders Victoria Inc

General Meeting – Sunday 31 May 2020

Online conference


Meeting Communique


Attendance – Nick Hooper (President), Terry Lewis (Vice President), Dr Kath McIntosh (Secretary), Maurice Hanrahan (Treasurer), Desiree Pettit-Keating (Executive Officer), Elizabeth MacLean, Les Joslin, Mark Hughes, John Campbell, Chris Lang Jnr, Jess Tubs, Brett Coffey


Apologies – Steve Dickson


  1. Committee Business (attendance, apologies, previous minutes, correspondence, Executive reports)
  2. Summary of HBV-HRV meeting and ad hoc meetings with HRV
  3. Discussion on HRV breeding stimulus proposal
  4. Discussion on stallion registration fee scale and mandatory veterinary inspections for stud operations
  5. Review of proposed and potential Vicbred amendments
  6. Impacts of season extension on HBV operations
  7. IRT Australasian Standardbred Stallion Guide update
  8. Trackbred update
  9. Summary of Follow A Foal project
  10. Breeder workshops update
  11. ASBA update
  12. Freeze branding and microchipping update
  13. APG & VHRSC bonus structure



Strategic Planning Session



Next meeting date:

Sunday 26 July 2020

Online conference

All papers for consideration by the committee to be submitted no later than 21 July 2020.