HBV June Committee Meeting Summary

Jun 5, 2018 | Harness Breeders Victoria HBV June Committee Meeting Summary

A Harness Breeders Victoria General Meeting was held at Bendigo Harness Racing Club on Sunday 3 June:

Attendance – Terry Lewis (President), Brett Coffey (Secretary), Les Joslin, Dr Tony Britt, Elizabeth MacLean, John Campbell

Also present – Desiree Pettit-Keating (Executive Officer)

Apologies –  Adam Wilkinson, Shannon Nixon (Vice President), Paul Dobson (Treasurer), Ashley Haynes, Nick Hooper, Jonathan McNeill

Summary of agenda items addressed:

  1. Committee Business (attendance, apologies, previous minutes, correspondence, Executive reports)
  2. Summary of the latest Harness Racing Advisory Council meeting (Terry Lewis)
  3. UPdate on 2018 Australasian Standardbred Stallion Guide
  4. Update on HBV Vicbred First Win Bonus breeder recognition project
  5. Discussion on Trackbred budget and production timeline
  6. Review, discussion and recommendations on paper provided by HRV on proposed foal notification fee schedule
  7. Confirmation of Humbletonia Day 2018 sponsorship
  8. Review of correspondence from Mr Terry Gourley
  9. Review of correspondence from Mr Steven Dickson
  10. Discussion and recommendations on trotting mare programming (Nick Hooper)
  11. Discussion of Vicbred payment subsidies attached to yearling sales
  12. Discussion and recommendations on the proposed ASBA summit
  13. Summary of latest ASBA meeting (John Campbell)
  14. Discussion on local stallion support mechanisms
  15. Planning for upcoming HBV-TBV Stud Tour details
  16. Planning for upcoming Follow A Foal project
  17. Confirmation of Treasurer and Executive Officer to meet regarding 2018-19 season budget
  18. Planning for AGM and committee composition
  19. Planning for 2018 HBV Awards Night


Next meeting date:

Sunday 9 September 2018 at Ballarat