Don't miss Blake & Bon's Breeding Bonanza

Jul 3, 2020 | Harness Breeders Victoria Don't miss Blake & Bon's Breeding Bonanza
Breeding season is almost upon us and the industry's focus rightly shifts to broodmares, stallions and breeders!
Tune in this week from Monday 6 July from 11AM on SEN Track to catch Blake & Bon's Breeding Bonanza, with Blake Redden and Jason Bonnington discussing all things breeding in Victoria:
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Blake and Bon's #BreedingWeek will talk with all types of Victorian breeders - big, small, young, old - as well as the breeders of some of this week's runners at Melton and beyond, and delve into the metro winner's pedigrees.


Missed #BreedingWeek?

You can listen to the segments so far HERE.


MON 6 JUL - Breeder, vendor, author & HBV president, Nick Hooper: