2020 Vicbred Breeders Week SEN Track

2020 Vicbred Breeders Week SEN Track

SEN Track radio's Talking Trots on Track program showcased breeding in early July 2020 with Blake & Bon's #BreedingBonanza - click to listen back to any of the interviews across the week here:


MON 6 JUL - Breeder, vendor, author & HBV president, Nick Hooper:


MON 6 JUL - New generation breeder, Eilish Judd of Benstud Standardbreds:


TUE 7 JUL - Breeder and HBV member, Craig Cameron:


TUE 7 JUL - Shane Hall, breeder (owner, trainer) of Melton runner, Iona Spider:


TUE 7 JUL - Tuesday Tutorial - including a bit of breeding banter - with Darren Clayton:


WED 8 JUL - Breeder, trainer & owner Barry Beasley:


WED 8 JUL - Louise Toulmin of Haras Des Trotteurs talks stud farms, sales and breeding:


WED 8 JUL - Studmaster, breeder, owner, trainer AND driver, Brett Shipway does the lot:


WED 8 JUL - Man of the times and Victorian breeder, Robert Rothacker:


THU 9 JUL - HBV lifemember and the man connected to the famous Macray line, Ian Kitchin:


THU 9 JUL - Brett Coffey of Alabar and also a committee member of HBV to :


THU 9 JUL - One of the Perish The Thought breeding syndicate, Gary Murnane, on breeding with mates and spoiling horses:


THU 9 JUL - First time breeder Lindsay Rogers on his trotting gelding Little Yankee:


THU 9 JUL - Pete Lynch goes through the process of finding a mare and the best crosses:


THU 9 JUL - He's a champion driver but with wife Jess Tubbs, he's making an impact on the breeding game too, Greg Sugars is the latest in a long line of successful breeders:


FRI 10 JUL - Trotting breeder and HBV member, Colin Murphy on Wobelee, Sleepee and more:


FRI 10 JUL - Sofia Arvidsson chats with the boys:


FRI 10 JUL - International man of trotting and principal of Aldebaran Park, Duncan McPherson joins Talking Trots on Track: