Stallion Guide

Stallion Guide

Harness Breeders Victoria are the publishers of the Australasian Standardbred Stallion Guide, an annual collection of the sires available to Australia in the coming breeding season.

All breeders of a mare in the two previous seasons receive a copy of the Guide in the post, as do members of Harness Breeders Victoria. Copies are available from each State's Breeders Association, State HQ and metropolitan track offices, and selected Victorian country clubs.

If you're not a current breeder and would like to receive a mailed copy, ensure your HBV Membership Form is returned before July 1 each season.

Harness Racing Australia also keep a listing of all available stallions for the season on their website which can be sorted by State and Stud, and HBV feature all studs who are members on our Stud Directory.


The online edition of the 2016-17 Guide can be viewed and downloaded here:


If you are having trouble viewing, please click here.