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8 October 2019
Demi now running with the pack

Demi and her squad...

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8 March 2019
An update on your girls


All the latest on your favourite foals

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19 January 2019
Your trotting girl is growing fast!

She's growing - and she needs a name!

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6 January 2019
Angel has some dash about her

Recent video of your pacing filly, Angel...

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31 December 2018
Your second foal is here!

Christmas came just a little bit early for Foal Followers...

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17 November 2018
What's next for Gracie?

So Gracie (Arms Of An Angel) foaled on Wednesday 24th October 2018 and the birth went well, and she passed her placenta without any issue - what now?


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7 November 2018
Your first foal has arrived!

Arms Of An Angel Foal

Your first new foal has arrived! On 24th October, Gracie (Arms Of An Angel) gave birth to a very healthy little filly...

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19 October 2018
Introducing Aldebaran Eagle

Aldebaran Eagle

Your trotting foal is likely to fly like an eagle if he-she is anything like dad - meet ALDEBARAN EAGLE, the sire of your trotting foal, arriving soon...

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16 October 2018
Introducing Always B Miki

Always Be Miki

It takes two to make a foal – we’ve met Gracie (Arms Of An Angel) and now it’s time to find out a bit about your pacing foal’s pappa, world champion stallion Always B Miki!

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5 October 2018
Gracie at Alabar

Alabar Paddock

As Gracie nears her due date, it’s worth learning a little bit about what her last few weeks have looked like at Alabar Farm near Echuca.

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18 September 2018
Joining Team Teal!

Team Teal

Time to learn a bit about our second charity partner, the Women's Cancer Foundation. Now these guys know their harness racing - they've a long association with the sport through the McPherson family, and three leading drivers in Kerryn Manning, Jodi Quinlan and Kate Gath are ambassadors for the Foundation.

By Darren Skillen
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28 September 2018
How you're helping to #ConquerNF

Children's Tumour Foundation

Not only is Follow A Foal a great chance to learn about horse development and health, and see lots of cute foal photos and videos, the project is also about supporting two great charities, and we'd like to introduce to you one of them now...

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28 September 2018
First Glimpses of Gracie's foal!

Gracie Ready For Scanning

Dr Simon Robinson of the Bendigo Equine Group conducts a scan to check that Gracie's pregnancy is progressing as it should - is your foal a show off or a little camera shy? Click through to find out... WARNING: The video footage involves a veterinary obstectric procedure

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18 September 2018
Meet Your Mares - Diaz

Aldebaran Maori & colt foal

You've met pacing broodmare, Gracie (Arms Of An Angel) - now meet your trotting broodmare, Diaz! Click the headline or the photo to read on...

By Darren Skillen
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18 September 2018
Meet Your Mares - Gracie

Arms Of An AngelMeet ARMS OF AN ANGEL – or Gracie as she is more commonly known – your pacing-gaited Follow A Foal broodmare. Gracie was bred in New Zealand in 2011 by Mr Armstrong, making her currently six years old and means she carries a NZ brand. Click headline to read more...

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14 September 2018
Welcome to Follow A Foal!

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Ever watched a broodmare get closer and closer to her due date with unbridled impatience and excitement? What about seen a foal take it's first breath, and first, wobbly steps? If you have, you know you'll always want to see more, and if not, well you're in for an absolute treat. Words simply can't describe the emotions and excitement in store for anyone following the journey of a mare and foal, and with our stud partners Alabar and Aldebaran Park, this year we're bringing you along for the ride. Sign up for emails, and find more as we travel the breeders' path on social with #FollowAFoal. Stay tuned...

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