After Racing

After Racing

Harness Breeders Victoria takes legacy issues very seriously and encourages breeders to consider the lifetime of the foals that they breed and wherever possible to have a plan in place particularly for where the foal may not be able to be sold to race. It may be that they go into a breeding program, are used as a paddock mate, nanny, track pony or teaser, or be sold on to a pleasure or performance home.


Harness Racing Victoria have a dedicated department for that specific option - HRV HERO - which aims to help owners, breeders and trainers find non-racing homes for horses who either don't make the cut for racing or have concluded their racing career. All horses put through the program are deregistered so that they cannot be raced or bred from.

Please use this links to find more on HRV HERO - contact them direct to place a horse, find a retrainer, or find a pleasure Standardbred to buy.


You can also visit the wonderful Raising The Standards' Virtual Paddock where you can buy, sell or give away retired trotters and pacers.


If you have acquired an off-the-track (OTT) Standardbred and would like help deciphering it's brand, you can view this HRA resource or contact HRV HERO.