Trackbred - The Breeders' Journal

Trackbred - The Breeders' Journal

Trackbred: The Australian Standardbred Breeder's Journal

Published quarterly, Trackbred is a significant player in the national media space, reaching breeders and harness enthusiasts well beyond Victoria.

As well as breeding news from each state, a Breeder of the Quarter, Pedigree of the Quarter and Studmaster profile, each edition features a range of articles from esteemed local and international writers.

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  • For 2015-16 only, this discount will also be extended to members of interstate breeding bodies


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Share your ideas and photos for Trackbred by email (see below) or using #Trackbred on Twitter.

We are always keen for new writers to join our team - if you have an idea for an article or series, please contact the Editor with a brief and a sample of your work.

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