Trackbred - The Breeders' Journal

Trackbred - The Breeders' Journal

Trackbred: The Australian Standardbred Breeder's Journal

Trackbred has undergone a signifcant refresh after a Committee review in late 2018 - this award-winning journal will now be published MONTHLY and will be available online by direct email subscription and through this website and social media links. A refreshed line up of contributors headed by new editior, David Brehaut, and features with a solid focus on breeding, and a new dedicated page for young harness racing fans!

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Standardbred breeders in Victoria alone spend over $60M every year producing bloodstock and Trackbred is the perfect way for your business to reach them. You can view the Trackbred Advertising Rate Card here or contact Darren for details on


In the mean time, share your ideas and photos for future editions to Trackbred by email (see below) or using #Trackbred on Twitter.

We are always keen for new writers to join our team - if you have an idea for an article or series, please contact the Editor David Brehaut with a brief and a sample of your work.

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